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How do I install it / set it up?

Check out our guide on getting started.

It says I need to update — how do I update it?

Check out our guide on updating it.

How much does it cost?

Just $4.99 a month!

Annual pricing is also available, at $49.99 per year.

After installing it, you can sign up for a 7 day free trial — and then decide whether the cost is worth it to you to get hours of your life back!

What's the difference between Bulk Texter Pro and Bulk Texter Lite?

You can see a full breakdown on the Features page.

Bulk Texter Pro is not working for me.

Follow the troubleshooting guide - it covers all known/common issues.

If it doesn't help, reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help!

How many messages can I send with Bulk Texter Pro?

Bulk Texter Pro does not impose any limits on message sending/frequency beyond what your texting platform imposes (e.g. Google Voice, your phone carrier, etc). Texting limitations may vary by texting platform.

Bulk Texter Pro has thousands of users who are happily using it without issue, because they are not using it for spam — such as teachers, religious clergy, coaches, or small business owners.

  • Google Voice users with paid Google Workspaces or Google Education accounts are typically able to send up to ~200 messages per hour and 300-1,000 messages per day.
  • Google Voice users with free Google accounts are typically able to send up to ~50 messages per hour and up to ~150 messages per day.
  • iMessage users have reported being able to send ~120 high quality messages in an hour period. iMessages between iPhones are sent via Apple, and their limits are not published. If you're sending texts via iMessage to non-iPhones, those texts will be sent via your cell carrier, and each carrier will have their own limitations.

Your experience will vary depending on your texting platform, your phone carrier, the content and quality of your messages, the responsiveness of your recipients, and other factors.

If you're looking for a solution for prospecting or marketing, then Bulk Texter Pro probably isn't the right tool for you. If recipients mark your messages as spam, you should expect to get shut down very quickly. You should only send messages that you are confident that people want to receive.

For more information, see our best practices and recommendations below.

Can Bulk Texter Pro replace my CRM?

Possibly. It isn't intended to be a CRM replacement, but is solely focused on texting. That said, if your CRM usage is very simple, it's possible that you could get by with tracking your customers in Excel / Google Sheets and texting them via Bulk Texter Pro.

Does Bulk Texter Pro have a Zapier integration?

Not yet, but it is on the roadmap, and we're hoping to have that released early 2024.

Getting "Error connecting to!"

Bulk Texter Pro requires access to and in order to function correctly.

  1. Make sure that both sites are working by opening them in your browser.
  2. If either of the sites are blocked, you'll need to work with your IT department or network administrator to get them unblocked. The entire domain name should be allowed for each site.
  3. If both sites are working, but you keep getting this error in Bulk Texter Pro, you may need to turn your computer off and back on again. This issue is caused by a bug in Chrome.

This should resolve the issue, but if it's still not working, you can email

Will Bulk Texter Pro run in the background?

Bulk Texter Pro runs best when your texting tab (i.e. Google Voice) is the selected/foreground tab on a browser window. If a different tab is selected in the same window, then it is more likely that Bulk Texter Pro will be suspended by your browser, which can stop it from functioning correctly.

Chrome and other browsers may also suspend browser windows that are completely covered by other applications on your desktop. Ensuring that the texting tab is visible on your screen, even if you make it very small, can help make sure Bulk Texter Pro operates correctly.

To make sure that scheduled messages are sent on time reliably, we recommend following the steps in our installation guide.

Will Bulk Texter Pro still send texts if my computer is asleep / locked / hibernating / turned off?

Your computer must be turned on and unlocked for Bulk Texter Pro to send texts via Google Voice. Bulk Texter Pro sends texts by opening the Google Voice website in your browser and performing the necessary clicks and typing to send messages on your behalf.

To make sure that scheduled messages are sent on time reliably, we recommend following the steps in our installation guide.

How can I change my subscription to a different Texting Platform?

Open Bulk Texter Pro, then click the account menu at the top right, then Manage Accounts, then click Change Subscription on the account you want to update. You will be able to change out your subscription in the subscription management window.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you still have Bulk Texter Pro installed, you can click the account menu at the top right, then Manage Accounts, then click Change Subscription on the account you want to cancel. You will be able to cancel your subscription in the subscription management window.

Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription using this link: Manage My Subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will be able to continue to use Bulk Texter Pro until the end of your currently paid subscription period.

How do I change the payment method / card associated with my subscription?

Open Bulk Texter Pro, then click the account menu at the top right, then Manage Accounts, then click Change Subscription on the account you want to update. That will open the portal for managing your subscription, including updating your payment method.

How do I download my receipts / invoices?

There are two ways to download your invoices:

  • They are automatically sent to the email address associated with your subscription at the time of registration, and with each subsequent subscription charge.
  • You can go into Bulk Texter Pro and click the account menu at the top right, then Manage Accounts, then click Change Subscription on the account you want to download invoices for. You should be able to download all of your invoices on the page that opens up, after signing in.

How do I use Bulk Texter Pro to send photos?

Check out our guide to sending photos!

Can I use Bulk Texter Pro with multiple Google accounts?

Yes! You can subscribe with as many Google accounts as you want in Bulk Texter Pro. Alternatively, you can sign in with each paid account on a separate Chrome / browser profile for each Google Voice user, which can help if you're scheduling messages for multiple accounts.

Bulk Texter Pro is only authorized to integrate with Google Voice accounts that have an active subscription.

Can I use Bulk Texter Pro with a Google Workspaces or Education account?

Yes, you can — and most of our users do!

This can be especially useful since Google advertises unlimited text messaging for paid Google Voice accounts. See a comparison of Google Voice subscriptions here:

How does CSV upload work?

Check out our documentation on using CSV upload.

When I upload a CSV, it doesn't show all my columns.

Make sure that the very first row in your CSV/spreadsheet is your column headers, and that there aren't any rows above your column headers.

Can I retry / resend previous texts?

Yes, you can! See our guide on resending messages for additional information and screenshots.

Bulk Texter Pro is using too much space on my computer.

Navigate to the History tab in Bulk Texter Pro. Text batches that contain photos take up the most space, so consider deleting any photo text batches that you no longer need.

You can sort by the Photo? column to find these batches quickly and delete them.

Sorting by whether photo is attached

The Photo Upload step is slow.

The most reliable way to send photos via Google Voice is by uploading the photo for each text, which is why Bulk Texter Pro does it that way. Upload speed will be based on the quality your internet connection and the size of the photo, so you have a slower internet connection, you might experiment with sending smaller / more compressed photos.

My *.heic photos can't be uploaded.

Google Voice does not currently support *.heic files. You'll want to convert the images to a compatible format on your computer, such as *.png or *.jpeg, before uploading them.

Why does Bulk Texter Lite require email registration?

To better serve our users and combat misuse, we're introducing some changes to Bulk Texter Lite.

Beginning December 19, 2023, Bulk Texter Lite will require email registration to use.

Beginning March 1, 2024, Bulk Texter Lite will also require a one time $5 payment per Google Voice account to unlock unlimited texting. Email accounts registered prior to March 1, 2024 will not need to make this payment and will continue to have access to Bulk Texter Lite for free.

Both of these changes are being introduced in an effort to combat abuse of the Google Voice platform, such as spam and unsolicited messages. Our mission with Bulk Texter Pro and Bulk Texter Lite is to provide massive time savings to teachers, volunteers, and other legitimate users at an affordable price. We are committed to preventing spam and other texting abuses, as outlined in our Terms of Use.

Who Uses Bulk Texter Pro?

Virtual school teachers are among Bulk Texter Pro's most active users — using it to send students information about their grades, or reminders about overdue assignments and upcoming tests.

Many of our users are ecclesiastical leaders or pastors. They use Bulk Texter Pro to send their congregations inspiring messages, or send invites and reminders about activities or lessons.

Some realtors use Bulk Texter Pro to send their clients personalized invites to customer appreciation events that they're putting on, or to let them know about new homes on the market that match the criteria they're looking for.

One user reached out to us and thanked us for our work on Bulk Texter Lite, and told us that she was using it to organize efforts to fight wildfires in California!

People are doing all kinds of great things with Bulk Texter Pro!

What regulations are there for automated texting?

This is only meant to be an introduction to automated texting laws and regulations, and is not comprehensive. You are ultimately responsible to make your own informed decisions regarding your usage and you remain fully liable for any use of our service in violation of any applicable law, as well as our Terms of Use.

Here are some suggestions and best practices based on community feedback and on Google's own recommendations:

  • Don't send spam. This one may seem obvious. If you're looking for a solution for prospecting or marketing, using Bulk Texter Pro with your personal phone number probably isn't the right choice.
    • If recipients report your phone number for spam, it is likely that Google Voice will block all of your texts for at least a few days, and possibly permanently.
  • Don't send too many texts. Avoid sending more than our recommended sending limits.
  • Customize your texts. Ensure that each message is unique and conversational. Use CSV Upload to add recipient names and other personally tailored content to your messages, and add your recipients' names if you're using Form Entry.
  • Ask recipients to text back. Some users have reported that when recipients are responsive and text back, they are less likely to experience message blocks from Google.
    • If Google Voice is preventing you from texting a specific number, they will usually unblock you from texting it if you receive an inbound text from that same number first.
  • Remove URLs. Some users have reported that removing URLs/website links has helped them — but it often does not cause any problem.
  • Delay longer between texts. Try increasing the time between messages, if you're using a shorter delay.
  • Keep your messages short. Very long messages may be more likely to have deliverability issues. Google Voice treats texts longer than 160 characters as multiple texts.

Help, I have a question that isn't answered here!

You can email us at, we're happy to help out!