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Sending Bulk Texts with Dialpad

Note: Dialpad support is available in Bulk Texter Pro v2.7.0 and later.


Bulk Texter Pro works by performing clicks and other actions on the Dialpad web portal on your behalf. You must have an active Dialpad phone number and be signed into the web portal for Bulk Texter Pro to work.


To use Bulk Texter Pro with Dialpad, you must meet the following criteria:


Step 1: Dialpad Web Setup

Sign into the Dialpad web portal.

Your Dialpad account will need to be set up to text external numbers. You can learn more about this in Dialpad's documentation.

Subscribe to Bulk Texter Pro for Dialpad, if you haven't already.

Step 2: Send Texts

Try manually sending texts without Bulk Texter Pro, to make sure your Dialpad account is configured correctly.

Now that your Dialpad account is set up, you can start using Bulk Texter Pro!

See our guides on using the Form Entry and CSV Upload tabs for a complete rundown on how to use Bulk Texter Pro.

To send texts with Dialpad, just make sure that you've selected "Dialpad" in the Texting Platform drop down in the Settings for Sending pane.


  • Texts may be rate limited by Dialpad.