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Features and Pricing


Here are the differences between Bulk Texter Lite and Bulk Texter Pro, as well as some of the items that are on our roadmap!

Bulk Texter ProBulk Texter Lite
CostOne texting platform:
- $4.99 / month
- $49.99 / year

All texting platforms:
- $9.95 / month
- $99.95 / year

Multi-seat license discounts
SupportPersonal support via emailCommunity support on Github
Texting Platforms:
Google Voice

Bulk send text messages
Customize each message with recipient name
Unlimited messages
(limited only by your texting platform, not by us)
Schedule messages in advance
Preview generated messages before you send them
CSV upload with unlimited columns/variables
Send group texts
View / download previously sent messages
Send photos with your texts
Retry failed or cancelled messages
Dark Mode
Save recent message templates and contact listsOn the roadmap!
Full export/import for all app dataOn the roadmap!
Remind previous recipients that haven't yet respondedOn the roadmap!
Auto-reply / out of office responderOn the roadmap!
Integrate with Google ContactsOn the roadmap!

Multi-Seat License Pricing

Individual licenses are purchased and managed within Bulk Texter Pro.

To purchase a multi-seat license (i.e. 20 or more Bulk Texter Pro users / accounts), reach out to us at

Individual license20+ seats20+ seats and 3 year contract
$49.99 / year
or $4.99 / month
$44.99 / user / year
or $4.49 / user / month
10% discount!*
$39.99 / user / year
or $3.99 / user / month
20% discount!*

The multi-seat license includes access to the texting platform of your choice (Google Voice or iMessage).

* Any changes required to our standard license agreement may result in additional fees.