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Installing Bulk Texter Pro

The best way to install Bulk Texter Pro is via one of the officially supported web stores - the Chrome web store, the Firefox browser add-on store, or the Edge add-ons store.

You can find the official links on the Downloads tab.


Now that you've installed Bulk Texter Pro, you'll need to register in order to start using it.

If you've never registered before, you can start a free 7 day trial by opening the user profile menu at the top right, and clicking "Register".

You can also click "Register" to log in to your existing account if you've registered previously.

If you're using Bulk Texter Pro with Google Voice, make sure that the email address you sign up with exactly matches the email address associated with your Google Voice account. Bulk Texter Pro will only work with accounts that are registered and paid for.

Setting up your computer for Scheduled Messages

To be certain that scheduled messages are sent on time, ensure the following criteria is met:

  • Your computer is turned on, unlocked, and is not on a screen saver
  • Bulk Texter Pro is installed in a browser that is open and running

Follow these steps to make sure that your computer stays on:

  • Disable automatically turning off the screen / sleep mode when on battery
  • Disable automatically turning off the screen / sleep mode when plugged in
  • Disable automatic screen saver

Generally, the extension will still function if you choose to turn your display brightness all the way down or turn off your desktop monitor, as long as the above criteria is met.