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Introduction to Bulk Texter Pro

Bulk Texter Pro sends texts by integrating with your existing phone number – whether that's on Google Voice, Android, iMessage, or one of the other supported texting platforms listed below.

This is how Bulk Texter Pro works:

  1. You upload a CSV (spreadsheet), or a contact list to Bulk Texter Pro.
  2. You customize the bulk texts to each individual recipient based on the fields in your contact list.
  3. Bulk Texter Pro sends each text using the texting platform of your choice.
  4. You can view a live status report as messages are sent, and view and download a status report after the batch of texts is completed.

You can find guides for each texting platform that Bulk Texter Pro supports here:

Getting Started Guides

These guides can help you get started using Bulk Texter Pro: