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Resending Messages

In the event that some of your messages have failed to send, or if you just want to repeat a batch of previously sent messages at a later time, resending messages can save you time and effort.

You can resend messages by navigating to the HISTORY tab in Bulk Texter Pro, finding the message batch that you want to repeat, then clicking the VIEW button on it.

History tab: VIEW button

Next, select the messages that you want to send again, and click SEND AGAIN at the bottom left.

Resending messages example

Additional tips for resending messages

  • If you only want to reschedule the messages that were not sent previously, scroll down to the Messages Not Sent section of the HISTORY tab, find the relevant batch, and select all messages in the batch. The message list view from this section is already filtered to the messages that have not been sent.
  • You can click the check box at the top left of the message list to select all messages in the batch and resend them.
  • Photos included with the original messages will also be included with the re-sent messages.
  • When you resend messages, they are sent immediately, and the previous send delay is used. In a later release, it will be possible to schedule these for a later time and alter the send delay.