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Giveaway Terms

  1. Giveaway Information: Specific details and updates regarding the ongoing giveaway, including giveaway period, leaderboard standings, and prize information, can be found within Bulk Texter Pro (the "Software"). Please refer to the "Giveaway" section in the Software account menu for all relevant information.

  2. Giveaway Period: The giveaway will run during the dates specified within the Software. All referrals made during the specified period will be considered for the prizes.

  3. Referral Codes: Participants will receive a unique referral code that they can share with others to sign up for the Software.

  4. Eligibility: The giveaway is open to all individuals who are actively subscribed to the Software and have obtained a referral code.

  5. Prize Categories: There will be five prize categories for the top referrers based on the number of successful sign-ups using their referral code.

  6. Fraud Detection: The organizer reserves the right to investigate and disqualify any referrals that are suspected of fraudulent activities, including but not limited to fake accounts or artificially generated sign-ups.

  7. Prize Allocation: In the event of fraud or disqualification, the next eligible participant with the highest number of referrals will be awarded the prize.

  8. Tiebreaker: If there is a tie between two or more participants for a prize category, the participant who reached the tied number of referrals first will be declared the winner.

  9. Exclusion of Self-Referrals: Referrals made by participants to their own account or themselves will not be counted towards the total referral count.

  10. Privacy: By participating and sharing their referral code, participants agree to have an anonymized form of their email address displayed on the leaderboard if they make it to the top 5. For example, if your email address is and you are on the leaderboard, then su**********@b****.com will be shown. If your email address is, then wi**********@g****.com will be shown.

  11. Leaderboard: Only the top 5 referrers will be displayed on the public leaderboard, showcasing their rank and the number of sign-ups that used their referral code.

  12. Prize Distribution: The winners will be notified via email and provided instructions on how to claim their prizes within a specified time period. Failure to respond within the given time frame may result in disqualification.

  13. General Conditions: The organizer reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the giveaway at any time without prior notice. The decision of the organizer regarding any aspect of the giveaway will be final and binding.